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Sam Esmail’s techno-thriller revolves around Elliot Alderson (Rami Malik), a cyber-security engineer by day and hacker by night. Recruited by vigilante ‘hacktivist’ group F-Society, led by anarchist ‘Mr. Robot’ (Christian Slater), Elliot is embroiled in a conspiracy to erase debt by bringing down mega-conglomerate E-Corp (or Evil Corp as Elliot calls them), a company responsible for the death of his mother, as well the father of his childhood friend, Angela (Portia Doubleday).

Working for AllSafe, a cyber-security firm whose biggest client happens to be E-Corp, Elliot also gains the attention the ruthlessly ambitious, Tyrell Willick (Martin Wallström), E-Corps Vice President of Technology. Now playing a dangerous game between the ubiquitous E-Corp led by Philip Price (Michael Cristofer) and anarchist hackers like Mr. Robot and Darlene (Carly Chaikin), Elliot attempts to unravel the true motivations that are driving everyone.

Much like ‘Dexter’ and ‘House of Cards‘, Elliot divulges himself to the audience throughout, who are represented as his invisible, taciturn friend. The narration given by Elliot is not only endearing, but gives a keen insight into his thought processes and mental state, although proves to be a somewhat unreliable source of information given his numerous conditions. Suffering from social anxiety and depression, as well memory loss, black-outs and paranoid delusion, Elliot manages his symptoms by self-medicating with morphine, carefully measuring doses and using suboxone to manage addiction and withdrawal.

Heavily influenced by films like ‘American Psycho’, ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Fight Club’, with Craig Robinson, Grace Gummer, B.D. Wong, Michel Gill and many others providing support, ‘Mr. Robot’ has been one of the most rewarding programmes I’ve seen in a while. Utterly enthralling and with enough psychoses to fill Bedlam, ‘Mr Robot’ will keep you confused, inquisitive and entertained throughout.

One thing that’s definitely easy to work out though, and that’s why a third season of ‘Mr Robot’ is so highly anticipated.