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While presented as a comedy, Steven Falk’s ‘You’re The Worst’ definitely raises a fair amount of hard hitting issues that would also apply to drama, albeit in a lighter context.

Set in LA, when Jimmy (Chris Geere) meets Gretchen (Aya Cash) at the wedding of his former girlfriend Becca (Janet Varney), they start a no-strings attached relationship. Soon realising they share more than just cynicism for traditional notions of love, Jimmy and Gretchen begin to develop into something that both intrigues and appals them.

While drug-fuelled, rock-and-roller Gretchen works as a publicist for a rap trio, Jimmy supports his somewhat avant-garde lifestyle through his writing (having published one relatively unsuccessful book). Having never developed the necessary skills to take care of himself, Jimmy relies on roommate Edgar (Desmin Borges), a former Iraq veteran, to perform his household tasks. Often petulant, cruel and needlessly defiant, Jimmy refuses to believe he is dependent on anyone and enforces the pretence that Edgar is a freeloader. It’s this kind of mindset that spills into the developing relationship with Gretchen.

Hardly the pinnacle of stability herself, Gretchen’s outlandish behaviour is enabled by her best friend, Lindsay (Kether Donohue), who’s trapped in a loveless marriage to the understated Paul (Allan Mcleod) and only married as a way to outdo sister Becca.

In fact all the relationships in ‘You’re The Worst’ are resoundingly unstable and often more relatable because of it. Becca and the immature, alcoholic surgeon Vernon (Todd Robert Anderson), Paul’s suffocation of Lindsay, and Gretchen and Jimmy’s entirely dysfunctional liaison all propagate the feeling that, like the rest of life, love is a lot more difficult that presented in the majority of TV and film today.

Despite the first two seasons being worthy of a higher rating, the disappointing third has left some fans, myself included, with mixed emotions about ‘You’re The Worst’. There are still some fantastic episodes (Paul and Vernon’s camping trip is particularly funny) and while I’m still excited for the confirmed season four, it comes with a sense of reluctance as it would be a shame for ‘You’re The Worst’ to further decline and tarnish the enjoyment I felt after watching season’s one and two.