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Already renewed for a third and fourth series, this BAFTA award winning comedy still doesn’t seem to have the following it deserves, although it’s certainly picking up steam. Offering a blend of British and American humour between the two leads and show-creators, Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, Catastrophe depicts a romance story for a modern time.

After sleeping with Rob Norris, an American in the UK on business, Sharon Morris falls pregnant and the intended brief encounter becomes a reluctant relationship for the pair. Although neither seem suited to relationships or parenthood, with both as stubborn as each other, it soon becomes apparent that despite an abundance of flaws, Rob and Sharon are somewhat perfect together.

Navigating the pitfalls of an unexpected pregnancy may not seem like a new concept, but the back-and-fourth between Morris and Norris really drives the show forward and means that no matter where the scene is taking place, the comedy flows naturally and often outrageously. From the initial reaction at hearing each other’s surname (“Well that’s not fucking ridiculous”) to Sharon being told that as an older woman she’s more likely to have a ‘down-syndrome baby’, the dynamic between the pair continues to impress and amuse.

Similarly the supporting cast are sublime, in particular Rob and Sharon’s kind-of-friends Fran (Ashley Jensen) and Chris (Mark Bonnar), as well as Rob’s mother Mia (the sorely missed Carrie Fisher) and Sharon’s brother Fergal (Jonathan Forbes) offering further unsupportiveness, examples of what not to do, and some brilliant comedy. The prickish Dave (Daniel Lapaine) also has some incredible scenes with Delaney.

I remember during one of the first adverts for Catastrophe, a friend said ‘Well that looks shit’. Needless to say I disagreed, and after confirming it had the comedy merit the trailer implied, I forced him to watch it and, twelve episodes later, he now bugs me about his impatience for the third series. I’m just thankful that despite delays, filming for the new series concluded before Carrie Fisher’s unfortunate passing, as both Fisher and Catastrophe deserve as much recognition as they can get.

Luckily I’ve got enough time to rewatch it all before series three comes out. Or a few times as all I know is that it’s due sometime in 2017.