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Brickleberry national park is struggling to attract tourist thanks to the ineptitude of its rangers: the moronic Steve (David Herman), GILF-enthusiast Denzel (Jerry Minor), the monstrous Connie (show creator Roger Black), head-ranger Woody (Tom Kenny) and Woody’s obnoxious therapy bear, Molloy (Daniel Tosh).

In an effort to boost numbers, Woody enlists former Yellowstone employee Ethel (Kaitlin Olson/Natasha Leggero). Despite being a recovering alcoholic, Ethel is by far the most qualified and seeks the raise the profile of Brickleberry and its employees, which she soon realises is an uphill battle.

With cross species breeding, animal revolutions and pregnant men, the plots are outlandish as the characters that drive them. Aside from the rangers, the likes of animal-molester Bobby (show creator Waco O’Guin), the eccentric Dr Kuzniak (Kenny), the limbless Firecracker Jim (Black) and local strip club owner Jorge (Herman) offer unique support.

A lot of humour runs the risk of being overly crass and offensive for the sake of it, but with a character names like Woody Johnson, you don’t go into Brickleberry expecting subtlety and the jokes that land make it all worthwhile.

Amidst the mixed reviews, Brickleberry achieved three seasons before its cancellation and there are still those petitioning to get a fourth. Regardless of whether they succeed, it’s definitely worth watching a few episodes. It may not become your favourite show, but it definitely helps fill the adult animation void left while waiting for shows like ‘Archer’ and ‘Rick & Morty’, even if it isn’t a neatly crafted.