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It’s refreshing that at a time when every uninspired and disengaging multi-camera seems to get a second season, a single-camera programme like Blunt Talk can as well. It’s not on the top of the recommendation list, but if you’re a fan of Patrick Stewart and want a comedy with a smart edge it’s definitely worth an episode or two.

Walter Blunt (Stewart) is a news anchor on his own show ‘Blunt Talk’ and sees himself as a journalist with integrity. While his professional life is admirable, his personal one is best kept out of the news. Assisted by his manservant Harry (Adrian Scarborough), who still calls him Major after their time in the Falklands, and a devoted but eclectic news team, Walter navigates the line between public figure and public indecency.

Repeat appearances from the likes of Walter’s therapist Dr Weiss (Richard Lewis), porn-director neighbour Ronnie (Brett Gelman) and committed environmentalist Duncan Adler (Jason Schwartzman) add to the roster of supporting characters, each with their own unique eccentricities.

The comedy can be surreal at times, no more so than the fantastic party episode in season two, but the show maintains an engaging, often topical focus and cohesive and compelling plot. Because of this, the comedy comes naturally from characters, so if you’re bored of shows that try and force a laugh every ten seconds then give Blunt Talk a try.

Although it’s worth mentioning that two seasons is all Blunt Talk will achieve having been cancelled by the network.