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Created by comedy legend Steve Carell and his wife Nancy, with an outstanding cast and guest stars, ‘Angie Tribeca’ has all the ingredients for a comedy masterpiece. However, the throwback to 1980’s police spoofs doesn’t quite capture the essence of the greats like ‘Naked Gun’, even if the comedy tries awfully hard to do so.

LAPD detective Angie Tribeca (Rashida Jones) and her newly assigned partner Jay Geils (Hayes MacArthur) take on an assortment of cases, from murdered bakers, diamond heists and prostitution rings to blackmail, organ thieves and illegal ferret ownership. Aided by Detective Tanner (Deon Cole) and Hoffman (a somewhat anthropomorphised German Shepard), as well as their superior, Lieutenant Atkins (Jere Burns), Tribeca and Geils navigate the difficulties of both their jobs and personal lives in a setting where Leslie Nielsen himself would feel perfectly comfortable.

The comedy is fast paced, the plots engaging and the overarching mysteries hinted throughout are enough to sustain interest in ‘Angie Tribeca’, even if it sometimes feels like the show is trying to force one too many laughs a minute. It seems though, that for every instance where the comedy may lack, there is a guest star to redeem it. From the likes of Bill Murray, James Franco, Sarah Chalke, Heather Graham, David Koechner, Adam Scott, Lisa Kudrow, Gary Cole, John Hamm, Amy Smart . . . the list goes one, and there’s sure to be a few recognisable faces for all who decide to give this police procedural spoof a try.

Gone are the days where spoof stylings reign supreme, and such comedy is getting harder and harder to get right. But with such a tour de force of writing and acting talent behind the wheels of this particular comedy vehicle, ‘Angie Tribeca’ definitely has merit, encapsulating the spirit of the genre even if it doesn’t quite reach the heights of films like ‘Airplane’, or shows like ‘Police Squad’ and ‘Sledge Hammer’ from which ‘Angie Tribeca’ was inspired.